Famous underwater photographer – Eduard Admetlla i Lázaro

Famous underwater photographer – Eduard Admetlla i Lázaro

Eduard Admetlla I Lazaro, an underwater photographer and a cameraman, scuba diving spearhead and the designer of underwater camera housings and a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

Eduard is from Barcelona, Spain. At the early age of 24, he began his carrier in diving. He dedicated himself to underwater fishing by becoming a member of the Asociación de Pesca Submarina de Barcelona (APS) (Underwater Fishing Association) in Barcelona. Through this journey Eduard discovered that he cannot continue with it as he believed that one could not enter the water with an armed gun.

This lead him to be a co-founder member of the Center de Recuperació i d’Investigacions Submarines (CRIS) (Center for Recovery and Marine Research), wherein he devoted himself to film making on seabed and and photography. During this period, he brought watertight camera cases and the underwater gear tester for the Spanish brand Nemrod in existence.

In 1953, the experimental prototype of autonomous respirator was successfully built and tested.

Being multi-talented, Eduard was also an author of five biographical books where he described the underwater experiences: Mis amigos los peces (My fish friends), Tierras y profundidades (Lands and depths), La llamada de las profundidades (The call of the depths), Mi aventura submarina (My underwater adventure), Fondo! (Fondo!). In September 1957, he carried out a dive with compressed air cylinders at 100 meters of depth, thus creating the world record at the naval base of Cartagena.

Eduard Admetlla initiated underwater shooting and Spanish photography along with the works of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Hans Hass. Documentaries from the very first television series which he directed entitled ” Rumbo Sur ” (Route to the South) were shot in black and white.

This experience was life changing for Eduard, it made him to devote himself to the real professional activities by finding the manufacturer of SL, producing series and The Volitans Films: Tierras y profundidades”(Lands and depths) in the Caribbean, La llamada de las profundidades ” (The call of the depths) filmed in the Seychelles islands and Nuestras islas ” (Our islands), filmed in the Balearic and Canary islands. These series were transmitted by Television Espanola. Eduard developed the series ” La natura en profunditat ” (Nature in depth) for TV3, a Catalan regional television.

His excellence in the field is remarkable. It includes distinction in 1958- First Member of the Merit of the Recovery and Submarine Research Center (CRIS), 1958 – Silver Medal for Sports Merit of the National Office of Physical Education and Sports, 1958- Medal of Sports Merit of the Hon. Diputación Provincial de Barcelona, 1958- Member of Honor of the Cultural Society of Noah’s Ark in Barcelona, 1959- Medal and Diploma of Sports Merit of the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities, 2007-Member of Honor of the Historical Diving Society Spain (HDSES), 2011-Honor plate of the Diving Center of the Spanish Navy2015First Prize of Honor Buzo of the Historical Diving Society Spain (HDSES), 2018-Prize Creu de Sant Jordi awarded by the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


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