“Make a Difference by Being a Difference” – photography exhibition in Dehradoon

“Make a Difference by Being a Difference” – photography exhibition in Dehradoon

Hailing from the valleys of Dehradun, Uttarakhand,  MAD – “ Make a Difference by Being a Difference” has managed to shape the dreams of making Dehradun a cleaner, safer and better place for everyone. AbhijayNegi  is the one one who formed MAD.

Making a Difference by Being the Difference (MAD) convened an art and photography exhibition depicting the beauty of Doon at Hotel Inderlokat, on 6thJune 2019. The event was held as a part of the week long annual MADATHON festival through which MAD is marking eight years of its existence.


In the exhibition selected entries in the best out of waste competition in art and craft competition had also been featured along with art and photography entries on the genre: “A town called Dehra”.

The exhibition made a compelling case to save Doon’s greenery. The plight of the Rispana river and Doon’s depleting greenery were brought out most eloquently.

Ingratiation ceremony of the Exhibition:

The themes of the photography exhibition were :

  • Enviromental protection

  • Vintage Dehradun

  • Classical Doon

  • Clean Doon and Green Doon

  • Rejuvenation of Rivers

MAD was established in 2011 primarily as a Sunday-based activity platform which focused at providing exposure for everyone but mostly youngsters who would be free on Sundays and would be anxious to work for the society and environment .

 Some of the work by young photographers:

As Doon’s oldest, most active student activist group, MAD has arranged over 500 activities about rivers’ rejuvenation, cleanliness, wall transformations and annual MADATHON. Their first cleaning drive took place on 8 June 2011, and now the group has come a long way in their activities and has also managed to get the attention of the local people.

MAD has  made commendable contributions during the Nepal earthquake and also during the Srinagar and Kedarnath floods.

Another significant achievement made by MAD is that of wall transformations. “We have taken a remarkable interest in modifying all those old and dilapidated walls of Dehradun by giving them a fresher look through wall murals,” Abhijay pointed out, adding that they have transformed 25 walls.

Interactive session:

MAD Team:

By Vasundhara Paneru






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