Six famous Wildlife Photographers

Six famous wildlife photographers

Wildlife photography has a way of enticing practically every human being. It shows appreciation for the great planet that we all share. Thankfully to wildlife photographers we are able to see pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat. Today we will speak of the famous photographers who dedicated their lives to the capturing of wildlife and have achieved impressing results in it.

Marina Cano

Marina Cano dedicates herself in seeking out the best moments Mother Nature has to offer us while her work and books have been published around the world. She is a frequent award-winning Spanish wildlife photographer also known as Canon Ambassador. Marina has more than 25 years of photographic experience and international prestige, of which 16 have been dedicated to nature photography, and has achieved an extraordinary recognition in this field.

Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey is a gifted nature and wildlife photographer based in Japan. His work can be found in leading magazines and exhibits worldwide. With Martin’s passion in sharing his knowledge and helping other photographers, he is known as the Podcaster and tour leader.

Bailey also releases a weekly photography Podcast available in itunes and on the blog. He leads popular wildlife and landscape photography workshops and adventures into which he incorporates color management instructions in collaboration with X-Rite.

Suzi Eszterhas×1024.png

Suzi Eszterhas is an award winning wildlife photographer best known for her work documenting family life in the wild. Her photographs have been published as over 100 magazine cover pages and featured stories worldwide. Another role of hers is as an author who is actively sharing her experience and knowledge of the animals with all-age readers. Suzi has won awards in many competitions including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, National Wildlife Photo Contest, and Environmental Photographer of the year competition.

Sue Forbes

Sue Forbes is a talented wildlife photographer, who is traveling the world to capture nature’s beauty. She has visited over 90 countries and her photos have appeared in books, magazines and newspapers around the world including BBC ‘The Hunt’, The Sunday Times magazine, Forbes and The Guardian. Sue’s philosophy in photographing wildlife is to capture animals behaviors so that the viewer   is transported into their world and understands more than just a visual representation of the animal.

Susan McConnell

Susan McConnel is an accomplished wildlife photographer. Her images have appeared in various famous magazines worldwide, such as National Geographic, Natures Best Photography, etc. Susan is trying to use powerful images to connect people with our natural heritage and stimulate a commitment to conversation.

Richard Peters

Awarded “European Wildlife photographer of the year 2015”, Richard Peters’s work is artistically composed with a combination of dramatic lighting and a minimalistic feeling. Most of Richard’s images are animal portraits exhibiting intense emotion and expression. His unique style enables the viewer to engage with the subject in a way that most other photographers can’t achieve.

By Maria Ray


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