Famous Newborn Photographer – Erin Elizabeth Hoskins

Famous Newborn Photographer – Erin Elizabeth Hoskins

Babies are adorable while they’re eating, sleeping, sitting or playing. They look extremely innocent and cute and we tend to capture their photos, no matter what they’re doing. It’s hard to get a grown person to be patient during a photo shoot, hence, getting children to be patient can be even more challenging. Babies are probably the most difficult subjects to shoot of all the others. How can one explain a tired, hungry, cranky, wiggly baby that if they can be still and show their cute smile for just a few minutes, they will cherish it for a lifetime? And how can we miss out on the parents who can be extremely  tired and grumpy too, but want the best pictures and albums they can get of their little bundle of joy?

There are ample tricks and tactics that photographers use to get a baby’s attention. Professional portrait photographers who specialize in baby photo shoots understand the mentality of the babies and study the subject thoroughly before choosing it. One of those photographers is Erin Elizabeth.

Erin Elizabeth Hoskins is one of Australia’s most recognized newborn photographers. She has won international level awards for  family photography. She is extremely good in newborn photography. Erin is associated with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and is also a  fully accredited member there. She has been creating beautiful works of photographic art for her clients since 2008.

Initially, when Erin launched her blog, she used to gift a 5*7 size photograph of her own to the people who had commented on her photo. She felt it was the best way for successful marketing and claims it be one of the biggest wonders that worked for her.

Erin had always been interested in photography and loved to scroll through beautiful pictures. When she launched her event, it turned out to be sad as it was the loss of her first pregnancy. She was devastated and needed something to gear up and get back her energy and enthusiasm. She thought of photography as a career option as she could divert her mind on a positive side. And now, it is a massive and vital part of her life.

She started her own studio in 2008. Initially she only photographed new born children. She then added families and older children to her subject matter in the same year. In 2012, she added maternity photography to her forte as well. She provided service in city of Perth, Western Australia. She photographs newborns in her studio setting or families on different locations.

Erin Elizabeth holds photography workshops for professional photographers at different places in  Australia and internationally.  She also provides a personal mentoring to those interested in taking up photography as a career.

Erin is extremely patient with kids and knows how to deal with little ones to get the best pictures that they can cherish in the later years of their lives. She is truly a hardworking woman and has achieved a lot in her professional career.

Pictures source: https://erinelizabeth.com/

By Avishi Jariwala

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