Bhimanshu Dua

Bhimanshu Dua

Bhimanshu Dua hails from Yamunanagar in Haryana and was born on the 3rd of February in 1989. He was born in Haryana but then kept shifting to places like Faridabad, Kolkata and then spent his teenage and adolescence life in Delhi. Bhimanshu has been studying in different schools in the span of his education journey. He graduated from Kendriya Vidyala in 2007 and went on to finish his engineering from Maharishi Dayanand University in 2011.

He says that he started venturing into the art of photography once he joined college and since he lived in the villages of Haryana, nature photography was his first calling. Bhimanshu started taking photographs on his Nokia n72 around his college campus. Photography had started to make its special place in his mind and heart and the photographs he took then have a special corner in his memory.

Time passed to his sister getting him a brand-new point and shoot camera in 2009 and that changed the quality of the photographs Bhimanshu took drastically. He started being more passionate about the subjects of his frame. Bhimanshu started posting his photographs on social media and his friends started to notice them and that was the first push to the many successes he’s had till date. Bhimanshu was one of a kind in his college, being the only one who had any interest in the art, he carried the camera there everyday and ended up being suspended from class because of it quite a few times. He realized that he had lost any bit of interest in engineering that he initially had and started dedicating all his time taking pictures and learning and developing his art. Bhimanshu was nicknamed the, ‘3rd Idiot,’ from the movie “3 Idiots” as it had just made the blockbusters charts that time. After Bhimanshu completed his graduation, he finally convinced his parents to buy him a professional camera so he could take his art further. He never turned back to the engineering job he had after college once he took up various photography assignments. Bhimanshu says that his best work is yet to come. His parents weren’t really supportive in the beginning of his photography interest because it brought up various financial and societal concerns. He did end up convincing them and now his parents are supporting him in it, along with his friends who were there to support him since day 1 because when he was in doubt, they were the ones who said, “NO, this is what you should be doing.”

Bhimanshu is very glad that technology has advanced and has given him the benefit to access platforms like Instagram, famous for various artists to put up their work, to lay examples and be inspirations of some kind to people who want to pursue various art-forms. He finds inspiration from everywhere because the world does not lack in any way to be it. Bhimanshu’s now favourite photography style revolves around fashion and product photography but his subjects can change in respect to the equipment’s he uses. Bhimanshu works with a Canon 60D, Canon 80D and Canon 5D Mark III with a wide range of lenses.

He advices young photographers to follow their hearts and passion because there can be nothing better. Bhimanshu wants everyone to love what they do because then it wouldn’t seem like a job and it would genuinely be fun.


By Sneha Sengupta 

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