5 Famous Photography Locations in Delhi

5 Famous Photography Locations in Delhi

Delhi is blend of monumental places and gems hidden in the busy city. From the serene Lodhi Gardens to the streets of Chandni Chowk, there is a monumental amount of places that make Delhi the hotspot of our diverse country and a treasure for photographers everywhere.


Chandni Chowk

We are starting with the busy streets of Chandni Chowk which is the growing hub of armature photographers. The colorful streets of spices, clothes, food, jewellery, etc; is the place to get aesthetic candid shots every photographer is looking for. With small shops of handicrafts to big stores, the century-old streets of Chandni Chowk create a small town of its own with Jama Masjid being the focal point making it a place with everlasting opportunities for street photography.

India Gate

Next on the list is the India Gate, located closely to the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Both of these provide fantastic photography opportunities at day as well as at night. The World War I memorial to all the soldiers who lost their life lights up at night to provide an enchanting aura that can beautifully be captured. The gardens and lakes surrounding it are perfect for photoshoots. While the symbolic gates and building of the Rashtrapati Bhawan connect to India Gate through the ceremonial boulevard of Rajpath, the events and other glimpses of this place are full with beautiful sights ready to be captured.

Lodhi Garden

No tour of Delhi can be left without its green lungs, the Lodhi Garden. Offering an effortless escape from the hustle of the city and the consuming pollution, it provides numerous sites up for grabs by aspiring photographers. From the diverse flora and fauna to the joggers and families – the candid photographic opportunities are endless. The tombs situated in the garden escape are to go place for fashion and historical shoots with a breath of fresh air.

Lodhi Art District

While the Lodhi Garden provides a peaceful setting amongst nature, the hand-painted Art district of Lodhi colony is a fairly new installation to the city. Created by over 25 street artists from all over India, the process work as well as the final product is priceless, ready to be captured and add to the appeal of the city. With all shades of the spectrum, they are perfect to add the right colors to any shoot be it maternity, marriage, fashion or candid.

Finally, no list can be complete without the famous Connaught Place. A treat to all senses with popping wall art and food from all cultures and places, the streets and cafes range from rustic charms to modern simplicity. With photography scopes in food, streets, and the centrally located garden, the place is full of aspiring photographers. From the local vendors to the tattoo places, nothing in the place ever sleeps. Not only does it give a true glimpse of our society but provides a charm of the old days meeting modern life.


In totality, Delhi is a perfect blend for all photographers alike with limitless opportunities around every corner. All while treating yourself with a diverse array of food and handicrafts, Delhi has the best places for photography with natural lighting all around.


By Riya Narang






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